ENGINE-22004 Unable to transform DMN resource during deployment

Hi, I have a shell for a DRD which I can’t upload to my engine. I am getting the following error “ProcessEngineException”,“message”:"ENGINE-22004 Unable to transform DMN resource ‘projection.dmn’

The model was created with v1.9.0 of Modellerprojection.dmn (4.0 KB)

I can confirm that I have deployed other .dmn’s to the engine successfully


Hi Andre,

You need to check the complete stack trace of the exception in order to see the root cause.
You have problem with this dmn, it is complaining for nonexistent element.

Best regards,

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I recreated the model from scratch, it works now. Looks exactly like the previous model. Not sure why it works now.

Great, I guess something went wrong with the element ids.