Error boundary event on multi-instance activity/sub-process

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I’m having some trouble to set up an error boundary event onto a multi-instance activity/sub-process to catch any business errors which would happen while executing the activity/sub-process. Take the following workflow for example:

The token got to the error end event but was not catches by the interrupting error boundary event defined. Could this be a bug in the broker itself? Or am I missing something here?

It seems to work fine with an interrupting timer boundary event.

I’m using

  • camunda/zeebe:0.23.1
  • camunda/operate:0.23.0

If you have correctly wired up the error types, then I would say it is because you have multiple tokens inside the multi-instance, but you are trying to trigger a single token event. So there may be an impedance mismatch.

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This is a known bug: An error event is not caught by a boundary event on a multi-instance subprocess · Issue #4601 · camunda/zeebe · GitHub
It is already fixed in 0.23.4 and 0.24.1.

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Thanks Philipp, I missed the issue for some reason!