Error building sparta-bpmn-js

Hi Experts!

I am trying to make a local build of GitHub - SpartaSystems/sparta-bpmn-js: A customization of the bpmn-js BPMN Web Modeler
Got this:
npm ERR! 404 Not Found: karma-jasmine@

Indeed there is no karma-jasmine in nikku (Nico Rehwaldt) · GitHub and the GitHub reports that there is no jasmine-v2.0.0-latest-1.tar.gz except in 3 projects related to bpmn. (✓)

I also can see that a similar problem has already been fixed ([#CAM-8410] Unable to release 7.4 due to dependency issue) but I cannot find how it has been fixed. Please let me know where to get this version of karma-jasmine or what is the right fix.

Hi @Val,

the karma-jasmine in dependency is gone. Please use karma-mocha instead.