Error in running zeebe operate in kubernetes

Hi, I am new to zeebe, I was able to create a zeebe clluster and its working but the operate pod keeps failing .
2021-11-12 00:57:04.849 INFO 6 — [ main] i.c.o.u.RetryOperation : CreateComponentTemplate operate_template - Waiting 2 SECONDS. 120/300
2021-11-12 00:57:06.852 WARN 6 — [ main] i.c.o.u.RetryOperation : method [HEAD], host [http://elasticsearch:9200], URI [/_index_template/operate_template?master_timeout=30s], status line [HTTP/1.1 405 Method Not Allowed]

Also I wish to monitor my workfows in Zeebe, is there a way I can monitor my zeebe workflows by running simple-monitor locally
Thank You

Hey Prakash,
where did you install the Kubernetes Zeebe Cluster? Did you do so locally on your machine or via GCP or another Cloud Platform?

Let me know which “commands” you used in order to install it?


Hey thanks I got it to work.
Just upgraded to the 1.2.4 zeebe

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