Error when running camunda's helm chart available @

Hi Team,

I have downloaded camunda’s helm chart from and trying to run it from my pipeline and it fails with below error -

camunda-platform/charts/identity/templates/deployment.yaml:165:22: executing “camunda-platform/charts/identity/templates/deployment.yaml” at <include “identity.keycloak.url” .>: error calling include: template: camunda-platform/charts/identity/templates/_helpers.tpl:203:9: executing “identity.keycloak.url” at <include “identity.keycloak.port” .>: error calling include: template: camunda-platform/charts/identity/templates/_helpers.tpl:183:23: executing “identity.keycloak.port” at <.Values.keycloak.service.ports>: wrong type for value; expected map[string]interface {}; got interface {}

Could someone please guide me?

Hi @ShilpaN.Chalke - can you share the values.yaml file you are using for your installation?

Hi @nathan.loding , we resolved this error by including Keycloak charts from bitnami within camunda helm charts - \charts\camunda-platform\charts\identity\charts\keycloak\charts

Identity Values.yaml file in the helm chart was referring to Keycloak which was missing in the helm chart.

can you write in more detail?

Do you add keycloak chart here? -

Hi @mashkovd ,

I added keycloak helm charts within camunda-platform-helm/charts/camunda-platform/charts/identity at main · camunda/camunda-platform-helm · GitHub as if you open chart.yaml for identity it has keycloak as dependencies.

Shilpa Chalke

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