Error while executing the table using Online Simulator


I am trying to execute the table in online simulator. But it is showing me the following error:
" DMN-02004 Error while transforming decisions: null".
I have just now started using Camunda. Could any one help me to understand why this error is coming.


Hi @rohan.khanvilkar

can you show us, which DMN-tables you used and which inputs you defined in your example?

Please refer attached table

Liability.dmn (9.5 KB)

Hi @rohan.khanvilkar

what inputs did you use for your test?

If I simulate this table with the inputs: Vehicle_A = A1 and Vehicle_B = B1 it selects the first row for me.

Can you show how you simulated the table?


Thats the correct solution. Now that when i change the Vehicle_A and Vehicle_B from my diagram.

I used this Input

System is showing me:

“No rule applied for the input data you have provided.”

Do i need to install some settings on my machine ?



In your input: do not use quotes: "
This will not work:


This will work


The quotes are interpreted as individual characters


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Yes it worked. Thanks a lot.