Errors in camunda-bpm-webapp after build

I work with yours bpm-webapp application and have very strange errors in js scripts.
For a example i add a new variable in userCreate.js script. If i never use it, i have the next error:
‘generated’ is assigned a value but never used no-unused-vars
And i have next errors which i definitely not understand at all:
Replace ↹··if(i·!=·0·&&·i·%·4·==·0· with ····if·(i·!=·0·&&·i·%·4·==·0 prettier/prettier
Replace ↹↹ with ···· prettier/prettier
Replace with ·· prettier/prettier

Can you explain what is going on?
My code is present below.

var email = + ’ ‘;
var fullName = user.profile.firstName + ’ ’ + user.profile.lastName;
var guid = sha1(email + fullName).split(’’);
var generated = ‘’;
for (var i = 0; i < guid.length; i++) {
if(i != 0 && i % 4 == 0 ) {
generated += ‘-’;
generated += guid[i];

Hi Alexey,

we recently introduced prettier for the Webapps to have a consistent formatting/code style. The error message is displayed because your code is not formatted correctly.


Missed this, thank you very much.