Escalation pattern

Hi dear Camunders,

I would like to ask whether you have experience designing escalation pattern where specific escalation would be triggered based on how many days passed since let say a task was or had to be triggered.

I was thinking about to use task listeners, but maybe it is wrong pattern.

Thank you for any advice


It would be pretty easy to do this using a timer boundary event without any need for a listener or code.
You can see an example here;


thank you for suggestion.
I think my pattern is as follows
but I am not sure whether this is the right approach cause this pattern might get big.
In such case I would use sub process or call activity …

Best regards

The non-interrupting timer event could fire in a cycle so it could send the reminder every few hours, or days so you wouldn’t need to repeat anything, as in your example.

you are right
unfortunately in my case some escalations needs to wait hours and some days, …

thank you

thats not a problem, a timer can wait years if you want, it can be dynamic.

hmm interesting, I wasn’t thinking about such solution.
Another thing is that every higher step of escalation needs to have different recipients.
It is doable programatically but I think I will go BPMN way so it will be more readable by users.

Thank you again.


I would suggest looking into DMN + Timer combination as attached.
DMN can be used to pull the correct emailId to trigger the email based upon the priority of escalation.

Escalation_Sample.bpmn (6.7 KB)