Escalation (reassignee)


I know there are functions “Groups” and “Assignee” in tasklist, in upper part of user screen. My problem is, that I need reassign task with pre-saved data. For e.g. when I have task with 10 questions and I know only 5 answers. I need help with rest of questions from my team leader, so I escalate my task to taskpool of group of TL who should see my previous answers.

How can I do this?

Thank you for any advice!


Hi Vlastimil

Heres an approach I would consider…

Let me assume you have a form with 10 questions, each questions has a radio button set (eg yes/no). Im simplifying the form just for this example. Your user task has three outcomes;

  1. Incomplete - the form is incomplete, hence you probably should prevent submission.
  2. Complete - vlidate that all questions have been answered and allow submission.
  3. Escalate - allow incomplete submission, but route to another user task for team leader review.

Hence I would consider adding a new checkbox field or similar with a label Escalate to enable discrimination between 1 and 3.

Hence now you can discriminate between the three states above. You can realise this using some custom javascript and use the on.submit event handler. You will need some customer logic in this script to achieve the three behaviours mentioned above, ie if escalate is false, then ensure all 10 questions are answered.

In your process model, you will need the process flow to test for outcome 2 or 3. Hence use an xor gate and test on the value of the escalate process variable. If escalate, route to a new user task for the TL pool. If not, continue processing as usual.

For the escalate user task, if the answers thus far are process variables, then they can be rendered into the escalate task form.

There is a lot of documentation and examples in the forms section of the documentation.

There may be alternate more elegant methods, but this is the approach I would probably start with.

BTW - the approach I describe is not using the BPMN version of escalate. The consequence of the above is a team leader would have to complete the task or add their input and your process design would need to route back to another user task for completion of the questions. If want you want is shared, concurrent access to the set of answers thus far, then that would be a different pattern…



Hi Vlastimil,

Another approach could be to use the “Save” and “Add Comment” functions in Tasklist:

  1. You complete the task form as far as you are able to and click on “Save”.
  2. You add a comment to the task (e.g., Hi team leader, can you please help answer the questions xyz?)
  3. You reassign the task to your team leader.

This approach also doesn’t use the BPMN version of escalate. The task would need to be either completed or reassigned by your team leader.

Does this help?

Thank you and best regards,

Hi Matt,

I like the approach. Can you confirm for me that save performs a server side save and not just a client side save to local browser storage? Ive not really used save in anger and wasn’t sure if it would meet the use case…


Hi Rob,

I must apologize, I was a bit too hasty with posting. The save is performed client side, so it would not be a suitable solution for this problem. I reckon that the approach you suggested would be more fitting.