Escalations To Successive User Tasks


Everyone I have created a bpmn model attached below, in this bpmn i have created multiple user tasks,i want escalations to be send to successive usertasks/groups if the task is not completed/approved within a particular time period.

Note:Escalations Can Be Sent In The Form Of An Email Notification

Is this bpmn model correct, i am little stuck here kindly help

deviceflow_escalate.bpmn (17.2 KB)

Hi @Abhishek

So the model does have quite a few flaws in it, i think you may not understand how inclusive gateways work. The functionality you’re looking for might be that of an intermediate event. Check this link for a reference.

I’m interested in a few things.

  1. Does the escalation happen after a specific duration of a single task or the whole process
  2. Should the escalation stop the user task?

Hi Niall

  1. Yes there is a specific time period within which the userTask must be completed(For eg-24 Hrs) failing to which the userTask must not be stopped but an escalation in the form of an email notification must be sent to a group of people(that list will be provided).

Can you suggest a way this can be implemented ?

Hi @Abhishek

The problem you have is that you’re using an interrupting timer event, if you use a non-interrupting one, it should work as you would like it to.


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Hi Niall

Is this correct ?

deviceflow_escalate.bpmn (17.0 KB)

The non interrupting timer events are correct, but as i mentioned above there are some symbols you’re using incorrectly and as whole the model is probably missing some modeling best practices


Maybe this is useful for you, here you can find some of Camunda’s best practices :smiley:

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