ETag or other versioning on REST API


Is there any way to add ETags or other versioning tags to the REST API? I’m not experiencing any particular issues, but I can see that under heavy usage it would be good to add this kind of reduction in retrieval, when writing a custom front-end.



Hi @SimonHickling

Just wondering what kind of versioning you’re looking for here? Also interested in how you think it should help with heavy usage.

Hi @Niall,

The background is that we’re working on a custom front end (or 2) using the REST API. We have some middleware to abstract out the calls to Camunda. When calling the REST API for things like tasks if there have been no changes since the last call it would be handy to know that via a HEAD request. It’s something I’ve implemented in the past for APIs to reduce the load on the server when a larrge number of requests are made.

If it’s not there then it’s not a problem, I was just wondering.

I’m now struggling to think of a use case tbh :slight_smile:

There are actually a lot of improvements we’re looking into making especially regarding task queries.
It has a lot of room for performance improvements and actually we discussing what makes sense and i think someone thing like that might help for persistent queries from a front end.

I’m not aware of how best to add that to the existing RESP API beyond expanding the it by changing the project itself.

Thanks for the response Niall. It’s in the nature of REST that we will need to make a lot of calls and I was looking through it and actually things like process definitions are versioned, so we could cache them at our middleware to get the names for processes etc.

Is there any public domain detail of the proposed improvements?