[Event] Camunda Question Corner #7 Thursday, July 30th

Hi Community Folk,

The latest Camunda Question Corner has been scheduled!
So feel free to join us Thursday, July 30th, 2020, 4pm CET/9am ET

So if you’ve got any Camunda BPM questions that you’d like discussed by myself and @Nele in front of your very eyes then sign up right here.

As usual you can add and up vote questions here on slido.

Hope to see you there


Question Corner is this week!
Send along your questions.

Today’s the day - still time to sign up and get your questions answered.

The recording is up!

This week we answered questions about:
• Fixing a Class Not Found exception.
• Can Listeners work with External tasks?
• What is our stratagy for removing AngularJS from the Webapps?
• OptimisticLockingExceptions and External Tasks.
• When the new webapp plugin system will be available.
• … and more!