Event having two conditions w\o resetting the timer

As part of my process I have an “Event base Gateway”, that there are two conditions -

  1. Either 24hr past or
  2. Shipment update and there are no missing details

The following diagram will reset the timer every time there was a “Shipment Update” signal.

How can I implement the above ?

Many thanks,

@Chani_Green if you provide more details on your use cases, can provide you with more options.

But what about something like this?

Thanks !
More details - the max time to stay in this state is 24hr. within this time we are listening to the update event and after the update in case there are no missing details we quit. is there is still missing details we wait. after 24hr no matter what we quit.

Did this instead

@Chani_Green sure that looks to work.

Can also take a look at this for additional ideas: