Execute gateways - type of conditions

Hello all,
I would like to know how I could possibly execute a process that contains a gateway. As I have seen, I need to put conditions in sequence flows so as to make the process executable. My questions are the following:
1)If I select Expression, why do I need to have a format like: #{ myvariable == value }. Are the “#{…}” symbols indicate something?
2)How could I possible turn it into a script?Can i have a script written in javascript? And if so, how I could write the condition?

I attach two img of my BPMN example. Any answer would be really helpful and much appreciated it.

Thank you in advance for your time.

Yes it’s an expression language called JUEL and the format indicates that the engine should evaluate the contents of the brackets rather than treat it like a string.

Simply choose scripts from the dropdown.
enter javascript as script format
put your script into the script field.

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@Niall Thank you so much Niall!! Reakky appreciate it!!
Have a nice rest of the day!!

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