Export project file from camunda to eclipse

Hi, there

we have plan to make web application by using camunda
but we want to do more custumize our project and have plan to export our project which is developed in camunda to eclipse.

is ther any good way to do this plan??

Hi @joony15,

Your description is very general, so it is hard to answer that. Could you please answer the following questions to get a better understanding of you problem:

  • What exactly do you want to customize?
  • What kind of project do you have? Do you have just source code and/or bpm models?

In general, you can also use eclipse with Camunda to develop you project. In fact, many people do so. It is just a matter of what you want to achieve/do. Maybe you could have a look at the getting started guide.


first of all,
thanks @JoHeinem for giving me good answer
i just wonder if it is possible generally.