Expressions in an XOR Gateway

Is it possible to write multiple expressions in the path of an XOR gateway, for example, that age is greater than 18 and “going to school” is checked in a checkbox with true?

Yes my friend!!

In your flow, you should enter the expression similar to the one below:

${age >= 18 && goingToSchool == true}

In this case I put greater than or equal to 18 years and goingToSchool == true, but adjust according to your needs…


Remember that before arriving at your gateway, the variables must already be defined in the process for validation to occur correctly.

I hope this helps.

William Robert Alves

${age >= 18 && goingToSchool == true}

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FYI, Camunda 8 is powered by the Zeebe engine, which uses FEEL expressions, so this place does not need ${} for reference anymore, the above expression can be written like this:

= age >= 18 && goingToSchool = true

Hope that helps.



Hi @lzgabel and @FC_Catalonia,

the hint to FEEL is correct. As FEEL is the acronym for Friendly Enough Expression Language, they don’t use these programmers shortcuts, that business people (usually) don’t understand, but plain English. Boolean expressions | Camunda Platform 8 Docs

The expression should be = age > 18 and goingToSchool = true, where the first = is the hint for Zeebe to evaluate the String as a FEEL expression.

Hope this helps, Ingo


I apologize for the confusion, I didn’t see that the post was about Camunda 8.

Thanks for the corrections.

Thank you so much all of you. Now I understand it . Thank you

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