Extend backend

It is possible to extend the backend of Camunda software?
It means that it is possible to add/update or change in Camunda’s functionality?

Hi @YazanAsaad
I guess this question is already answered by @Niall Extend Camunda Workflow - #2 by Niall

Can you please explain more about how to run the code?
it is very divergent and with no comments that explain the functionality of each function,

Anyone can help me?

Hi @YazanAsaad ,

I think the issue is that your question is extremely broad with little technical details. What have you tried so far? Maybe start small with some very small changes to the code to see what they do?


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It is very difficult to understand the code and, becuse it is very generic and branching , that’s why it is difficult to understand, I need someone who understands Camunda’s code, because the implementation of the idea requires someone who understands the written functions.