Extend Camunda Workflow

Hello everyone,
I want to expand Camunda software and add data structures and algorithms and run BPMN charts,
It is possible to do that? if it is yes how can change and doing the desired changes?

Hi @YazanAsaad

You question is pretty broad and without knowning the details of what you’re trying to do it’s hard to give a definitive answer. Although there’s nothing that suggests to me that this would be a problem.

If you like you can fork the project and build onto it what you need. The source code is here:

Anyone can help me??

I trying to improve the automation of business processes, make automated business process running instantly and use the camunda database,
In order to do that and for customization camunda to platfome that has the ability to recognizes the existing impacts and effects between running process instances at rum time and manages them according to the manager’s instructions, for example,
if there is a process instance that affects another instance, the
system should identify the instance to behave accordingly.

The Camunda system is an administrative system,
I investigate the effects between process instances while running, what effects exist between process instances and what processes are affected as a result of a change in another process running in parallel, for example, an order process, if we have several open orders running in parallel and a change in order occurs, .
Camunda cannot manage these effects or identify the effects between process instances, therefore, I want to expand the software and add data structures and algorithm in order to automatically identify the affected processes and update the people whose order was affected.

Can you please explain more?

Anyone can help me?..