Extends properties panel for camunda modeler


I’m new to modeler and I’m trying to extend properties panel

Is it possible you give me some quick help to get me started?

I read through this


But I don’t feel this method will work.

Because as far as I can see camunda had their own implementation of this in BpmnModeler.js.

I saw there is:

const moddleExtensionPlugins = getPlugins(‘bpmn.modeler.moddleExtension’);


const additionalModules = getPlugins(‘bpmn.modeler.additionalModules’) || [];

In BpmnEditor.js.
I guess that’s how you should add new stuff, but I’m missing how I should achieve this.

Maybe I should include bpmn-js-properties-panel not with npm and add code there.

Thanks for any response :wink:

If I understand you correctly, you want to add a properties panel extension and a moddle extension to the Camunda Modeler? You can do so using plugins. You can find examples of plugins here.

hello. There’s not any example to add a properties panel extension in the link you provided. Could you please point me to a working example?