Extension for camunda modeler


I am working in my bachelor project in Rostock university on adding generic components to camunda modeler …so,I could not find a developer documentation for the modeler so,does it exist ?

thanks in advance


What sort of components are you trying to add? Could you give an example of what you are trying to achieve?

There is no much of specific standalone documentation on the Camunda Modeler.

Please have a look on the test suite and documentation provided as part of the codebase.



Thank you for your reply,I am trying to make reusable generic components or templates
and this is a simplified example

Forbrig,P. Reuse of models in S-BPM process specifications.

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Similar features (this & this) are currently in progress and are in the roadmap for the next release(s).

So, best would be to watch their progress and/or look into actual codebase for the documentation.

Feel free to ask questions and/or look in the forum for help if you will have any specific struggles.

Hope this helps.