Extension properties

Very interesting.
Would I need to additionally setup a NodeJS server for this, Stephen ?

Yes. But you can do this with a docker container. Or just install node on a server.

Any idea that you might have to setup a quick installation on top of existing Tomcat / Wildfly that we use for Camunda, for setting up the middleware ?

Deploy a Process Application and expose a endpoint using JAX-RS. If you search around in the forum and in the docs, you should see the examples of how to create process applications

Thanks for the tip, Stephen.
I am already doing some research around this after your message.

Let me see the best that I can come up with.

Thanks again for all your help !

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Hi Philipp_Ossler,

I get this error message when I try to cast execution.getBpmnModelElementInstance() to Startevent.

class org.camunda.bpm.model.bpmn.impl.instance.UserTaskImpl cannot be cast to class org.camunda.bpm.model.bpmn.instance.StartEvent (org.camunda.bpm.model.bpmn.impl.instance.UserTaskImpl and org.camunda.bpm.model.bpmn.instance.StartEvent are in unnamed module of loader 'app')

Do you have any suggestions to what I can do?

@tsr95 UserTaskImpl is not a type of StartEvent, it should be type of UserTask. You can’t assign to incompatible types, because activity behavior is different for both model instances.

It’s returning a type of UserTask and not the StartEvent