Extension to Elastic Exporter

Hello All,

We have recently opted to use Zeebe as pipeline for our usecase and we are using elastic exporter to keep track of activity on zeebe broker.

We want to use the AWS ES service to get all the tracking, but for the same we cannot configure RestHighLevelClient provided in the elastic exporter to take the Credentials for ES service to connect. Kindly extend the elastic exporter to take properties for aws rest client configuration or else make the createClient routine open to override to provide custom client by extending the existing client.

If there is any alternate would be happy to discuss.


Hey @Sachin,

thanks for your request.

I think there is already an issue for this https://github.com/zeebe-io/zeebe/issues/1341 , is this what you want or expect? If not maybe you can create a feature request (issue on github) with the detailed description?

Maybe you’re willing to create PR which delivers this functionallity?