External Task Causing: The following resource in the request chain does not support asynchronous

I have implemented a service task using the external task approach. When I bring up my client code, I immediately get the exception below. I’m using the Liberty server. Any ideas on what my problem might be?

[WARNING ] SRVE8115W: WARNING: Cannot set status. Response already committed.
[ERROR   ] SRVE8503E: The following resource in the request chain does not support asynchronous processing [filter[ EmptyBodyFilter ] ]
[WARNING ] Attempt to put servlet request into asynchronous mode has failed. Please check your servlet configuration - all Servlet instances and Servlet filters involved in the request processing must explicitly declare support for asynchronous request processing.
SRVE8010E: The current request does not support asynchronous servlet processing.
[ERROR   ] SRVE0777E: Exception thrown by application class 'org.glassfish.jersey.servlet.WebComponent.serviceImpl:410'
javax.servlet.ServletException: javax.ws.rs.ProcessingException: Attempt to suspend a connection of an asynchronous request failed in the underlying container.
	at org.glassfish.jersey.servlet.WebComponent.serviceImpl(WebComponent.java:410)
	at org.glassfish.jersey.servlet.WebComponent.service(WebComponent.java:346)
	at org.glassfish.jersey.servlet.ServletContainer.service(ServletContainer.java:366)
	at org.glassfish.jersey.servlet.ServletContainer.service(ServletContainer.java:319)

@crirvine External Task client is a simple java application which just requires JVM and no other additional servers required to run this worker. And with spring boot setup the embedded tomcat would be sufficient to run external workers. External workers doesn’t requires application server.