External Task Client architecture design

I like to use the external task to implement the service task. the following is my scenario.

  1. the process may include 10 service tasks.
  2. embedded the external task client in spring boot application and define ExternalTaskClient as a spring bean.
  3. I need a way to temporarily stop a specific external task client and restart it again.

My design issue is should I create 10 ExternalTaskClient as separated spring beans. Or I should define a spring bean as ExternalTaskClient and listen to 10 topics. Thanks for your help.


Hi @George_Tang,

as the stop() and start() is only available on the ExternalTaskClient you have to create 10 beans from it.

But personally I prefer listen to several topics with a single client. And I havn’t thought about to stop a single topic before.

Hope this helps, Ingo

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