External task client stops working after some time

My external task client works fine for some hours retrieving tasks whenever they occur, but sometimes (every day at least once) the processing stops. I don’t get any error. It seems that the client is waiting for new tasks but seems to get nothing more. In the cockpit I can see an increasing number of such external tasks. So it seems to me that either the server has stopped delivering tasks to the client or this retrieving does not work after some time. Is there any reason why/when this can happen ?
Is it possible that a short network connection break is the reason for this ?

my Java code looks like this:

externalTaskClient = ExternalTaskClient.create()
.baseUrl(serverUrlCamunda + “engine-rest”)
.addInterceptor(new BasicAuthProvider(“user”, “passsword”))
.backoffStrategy(new ExponentialBackoffStrategy(0, 0, 0))

.lockDuration(30_000) // milliseconds (30sec)
.handler((externalTask, externalTaskService) -> {

    ... do some locig with every external task token


Did you had the chance to figure out what is happening?

Same problem here. In my case I solved it by removing asyncResponseTimeout.

I have not yet managed to find out why I was experiencing this problem.

when an external task client is called, is there any method invoked before the following service?

I am stuck with similar issue of the processing getting stuck after some time. Was able to replicate it by disabling the vpn locally. Looking for a handler which can be used to have some custom handling in this scenario.
Currently the above service (run() method) isn’t getting invoked when the connection is broken.

Hello @tpelzer ,
Have you found the source of the issue? i am experiencing this issue, after several days of working correctly, the worker just stops fetching the tasks.

I am also facing the same kind of issue, is there any solution, Please share