External Task dont work when I change the process-engine-name

I currently have an spring boot application running camunda and bpmns. Some of these bpmns contain external task with topics. In a separate application I have the external task client. I am using Java and using the Camunda ExternalTaskClient librarys. Currently my application that is running camunda/bpmn doesnt have the process-engine-name set in the yaml so the name defaults to “default”… When the process engine name is default everything works fine, the ExternalTaskClient is able to fetch the topics and everything is good. However, as soon as I change the process engine name to something else the external task no longer work. I change the process engine name by setting camunda.bpm.process-engine-name in yaml config. The ExternalTaskClient is unable to fetch the topics, I get the “500” error shown below. The process engine name appears no where in the url and is not sent in the payload so im confused on why changing the name effects this. I can provide my camunda/bpmn applications yaml if that would help.

2020-05-29T00:00:05.803Z||org.camunda.bpm.client - TASK/CLIENT-03001 Exception while fetch and lock task.
org.camunda.bpm.client.impl.EngineClientException: TASK/CLIENT-02001 Request ‘POST http://mso-bpmn-infra-svc:9200/sobpmnengine/external-task/fetchAndLock HTTP/1.1’ returned error: status code ‘500’ - message: status code: 500
at org.camunda.bpm.client.impl.EngineClientLogger.exceptionWhileReceivingResponse(EngineClientLogger.java:29)
at org.camunda.bpm.client.impl.RequestExecutor.executeRequest(RequestExecutor.java:94)
at org.camunda.bpm.client.impl.RequestExecutor.postRequest(RequestExecutor.java:71)
at org.camunda.bpm.client.impl.EngineClient.fetchAndLock(EngineClient.java:71)
at org.camunda.bpm.client.topic.impl.TopicSubscriptionManager.fetchAndLock(TopicSubscriptionManager.java:134)
at org.camunda.bpm.client.topic.impl.TopicSubscriptionManager.acquire(TopicSubscriptionManager.java:100)
at org.camunda.bpm.client.topic.impl.TopicSubscriptionManager.run(TopicSubscriptionManager.java:86)
at java.base/java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)
Caused by: org.apache.http.client.HttpResponseException: status code: 500
at org.apache.http.impl.client.AbstractResponseHandler.handleResponse(AbstractResponseHandler.java:70)
at org.apache.http.impl.client.CloseableHttpClient.execute(CloseableHttpClient.java:223)
at org.apache.http.impl.client.CloseableHttpClient.execute(CloseableHttpClient.java:165)
at org.apache.http.impl.client.CloseableHttpClient.execute(CloseableHttpClient.java:140)
at org.camunda.bpm.client.impl.RequestExecutor.executeRequest(RequestExecutor.java:85)

Any help here?

Hi - we seem to be seeing similar issues. Can someone guide me a propose solution for it please?

Hi @cb645j and @nkulkarni ,

honestly just a wild guess, but I would expect camunda to use the default engine when you omit the explicit name in your url. You could try adding the explicit name or somehow implement a engine discovery using the following api:

Kind regards,