External Task Forms - unsafe:app


i just startet to implement a ShowCase to replace an existing BPM Solution.I am developing a small J2EE App wth JSF / EJBs / JPA and i will use camunda for BPM Processes and Cases.

I wanted to call external User Task Forms, so i defined a FormKey in a UserTask:
<bpmn:userTask id="UserTask_0tto5db" name="Disposition" camunda:formKey="app:disposition.jsf">

When i call this external Form out of the Camunda-TaskList, the generated URL looks like:

Can you give me a hint, what i am doing wrong? Do i have to configure external Forms?

Thank you and Greetings

Hi Dennis,

it could be that the context path of your application is not set correctly. Could you make sure that you get the correct contextPath when you call https://docs.camunda.org/manual/7.4/reference/rest/task/get-form-key/


Hi Sebastian,

thanks for the hint. The context path was not set correctly.