External tasks pattern for embedded process engine

Is this kind of strategy used ?
How does transaction management is impacted ?

Based on this information: https://docs.camunda.org/manual/7.7/user-guide/process-engine/transactions-in-processes/, I don’t think it will still be available.

Is my assumption, that using this method, each external task represent a transaction boundary ? And if yes, is this also true for the Zeebe product ?

Hi @Radu,

Regarding the Camunda Process Engine, yes, External Service Tasks represent transaction boundaries. However, I’m not really sure what is the case in Zeebe. You can ask on the official Zeebe forum here: https://forum.zeebe.io/ (or maybe @Philipp_Ossler knows more).


In Zeebe, there are no transactions at all :sweat_smile: It is a different architecture than Camunda BPM. Zeebe can not be embedded in an application.

All service tasks are handled as “external tasks” - aka jobs.

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Hi guys thanks for the answers.

@Philipp_Ossler I know the architecture of Zeebe and the fact that is an external component. Due to the fact that the workers polling Zeebe for tasks is similar to the external task pattern of Camunda, I was curious if in fact also for Zeebe all the tasks represent transaction boundaries.