Facing error when using list contains and incorrect row is resulting in the DMN

I am using camunda DMN with below dependencies in my application.

org.camunda.bpm.dmn camunda-engine-dmn-bom 7.17.5-ee pom import

Above set is working good with basic DMN rules like handlingh rules with basic string or integer or boolean conditions.

But when i started using list contain() feel expression i started facing problem

Below is the DMN :

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> businessUnit orderType systemId isStaticIPRequested addedVoiceLineCount existingVoiceLineCount addedInternetLineCount existingInternetLineCount addedBusinessWiFiCount existingBusinessWiFiCount effectiveDate "831320000350","831330000770","831330000790","831320000360","820311000220" "false" "Self-install is not available in this area." 1 PR-180 "NEWCONNECT","CHANGEOFSERVICE" list contains(accountCategories,"COMMERCIALENTERPRISE") "false" "Orders with Enterprise codes are not eligible for self install." 2 PR-180(8) "NEWCONNECT","CHANGEOFSERVICE" list contains(equipmentTypes,"TUNINGADAPTER") "false" "Self-Install is not allowed for DTA's." 3 PR-180(5) "NEWCONNECT","CHANGEOFSERVICE" list contains(portedPhoneSpecialityProductNumbers,"50012") "false" "Self-Install is not available for porting phone service from another provider." 4 PR-180(6) "NEWCONNECT","CHANGEOFSERVICE" list contains(callForwardingSpecialityProductNumbers,"50020") "false" "Self-Install is not available for Call or Number forwarding." 6 PR-180(3) "NEWCONNECT","CHANGEOFSERVICE" list contains(wirelessInternetBackupSpecialityProductNumbers,"20001") "false" "Self-Install is not eligible for orders containing wireless internet backup." 11 PR-190(1) "CHANGEOFSERVICE" >=1 >0 "false" "Only one internet package is allowed to self install." 13 PR-190(2) "CHANGEOFSERVICE" >=1 >0 "false" "Only one instance of Business WiFi is allowed for self installation." 14 "true"

In order to test i am using below sample data :

“orderType” : “NEWCONNECT”,
“systemId” : “NICE”,
“businessUnit” : “834578000100”,
“settopBoxesCount” : 0,
“existingBusinessWiFiCount” : 0,
“callForwardingSpecialityProductNumbers” : [ ],
“equipmentTypes” : [ “TUNINGADAPTER” ],
“addedBusinessWiFiCount” : 0,
“isStaticIPRequested” : “N”,
“portedPhoneSpecialityProductNumbers” : [ ],
“addedVoiceLineCount” : 3,
“existingInternetLineCount” : 0,
“addedInternetLineCount” : 0,
“existingVoiceLineCount” : 0,
“wirelessInternetBackupSpecialityProductNumbers” : [ ],
“effectiveDate” : null

My expectation from the DMN is to return a decision rule from the Row : 3 , Since it matches with orderType as “NEWCONNECT” and list contains(equipmentTypes,“TUNINGADAPTER”) is matching in input i.e “equipmentTypes” : [ “TUNINGADAPTER” ]

But i am seeing below warning in logs

2022-11-30 22:46:02.387 [WARN ] [http-nio-9020-exec-3] FeelEngine Suppressed failure: illegal arguments: List(ValContext(CacheContext(ObjectContext(java.util.stream.ReferencePipeline$3@5c8af864))), ValString(COMMERCIALENTERPRISE))
2022-11-30 22:46:02.394 [WARN ] [http-nio-9020-exec-3] FeelEngine Suppressed failure: illegal arguments: List(ValContext(CacheContext(ObjectContext(java.util.stream.ReferencePipeline$3@326c0e60))), ValString(TUNINGADAPTER))

NOTE : Above DMN is perfectly working fine with spring boot camunda embedded engine , when i run testing it through rest api : http://localhost:8080/engine-rest/decision-definition/key/{keyName}/evaluate

Dependencies for embedded engine which is working fine with list containts feel expression.

org.camunda.bpm camunda-bom 7.16.0 import pom org.camunda.bpm.springboot camunda-bpm-spring-boot-starter-rest

May i know is this a issue with camunda-scala ? or any thing is missed interms of using feel expression list containts() , As its working fine with camunda embedded engine using rest api not sure what is going with scala dmn.

Found that some datatype is mismatching after changing it to correct one its working fine.