Fetch candidate group(s) for a task via EJB services


I’m trying to send a daily mail to a group based on the task candidate groups.
I have already the task objects of which I have to find the candidate groups for. I see in the database that the information I require resides in the act_ru_identitylink table (type_ = ‘candidate’).
The issue is that I am unable to query this information from the Camunda process engine services (EJBs).

There is a historyService#createHistoricIdentityLinkLogQuery which fetches from act_hi_identitylink but then I have to ‘calculate’ the latest value which I am not going to do. :persevere:

The only way I am able to do it is via the authorizationService but that seems odd.

Any insights here that I might be missing?

Kind regards.

Hey Nico,

Is TaskService#getIdentityLinksForTask what you are looking for? You would then have to filter the result for links of type candidate programmatically.


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Hi @thorben

Yes indeed!

I only was checking all the ‘Query’ methods of the different services… These only gave me assignee.