File upload control doesn't show file for rejected proccess instance

I have a process with an input task which allows an inputter to enter a number of fields one of which is a file upload control. The next task in the process allows an approver to view the data input including the uploaded file and either approve or reject it.

My problem is that when the approver rejects the data and the task returns to the inputter the file upload control doesn’t show that there is an uploaded file.

If you use cockpit to view the process variables you can see the file is there.
I think it is potentially confusing for the inputter not to see the file they previously attached.

I did try and use angular to either show or hide an upload and download control depending on whether the file variable was populated or not but so far I have not had much success with that.


just to make sure I understand your scenario correctly: You have an file input field that is bound to a process variable and this process variable already has a file. You then want the file input field to show the already existing file?

There is no way to set the value of a file upload dialog programatically. You could show the uploaded file in the first task form in the same way you do it in the second task form (or show ‘none’ if there is no uploaded file yet) to give the user an indication that a file already exists.

I think that is the way to go. Do you have any specific problems you cannot figure out?