Filter criteria with exclusion option

I am struggling to find a way to listing tasks with exclusion option.
But current task filter criteria doesn’t provide it.
It only allow “equal” or “like” from SQL

Is it design missing?


the criteria for filters correspond to a task query, so everything you can find here you can define as a criterium in the filter.

Could you describe what you are trying to do in a bit more detail? Are you using the Tasklist?


The requirement is to have an inbox filter to display all tasks except for certain business process.

I can only define filter variable = value, or variable like “patter” in Tasklist app.
There is no way to achieve my requirement.


Hi Andy,

you are right, there is currently no way to search for tasks with a criterium like processDefinitionKeyNotIn or similar. Therefore, you can also not create a filter with this criterium. Feel free to create a Feature Request in the JIRA