Filters not working correctly in Tasklist?

Hello there,

i am trying to create a filter so that the result will contain ALL tasks that are
* unassigned
* assignee = currentUser
* candidateGroups = currentUserGroups

This is what it looks like:

But when i execute the Tasklist, i only get the tasks that are unassigned. However, when i click on “All Tasks” i really get all Tasks, which include 2 Tasks that have been claimed by the current user.
i would have expected these 2 tasks to show up in my userTasks filter result as well… did i miss something?

Thanks in advance

edit: The “include assigned tasks”-checkbox has no impact on the result

Hi Pascal,

I think the ticks are not supposed to go into the value fields for assignee and candidate groups, i.e. just put ${currentUser()}, not `${currentUser()}`.


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I tried this and it still did not work. Now i tried it again (because you never know) and it worked…

Thanks :wink: