Find duplicate rules combinations in DMN

I have set of rules added in my dmn file.
And I want to perform rule evaluation, considering that I should be getting only one matching rule for my given input variables combination.
For this reason I have made hit policy as UNIQUE.
But my rules are complex and may produce multiple rule hits for given input variable combination.
Now how do I find what all combinations of rules are duplicate in my dmn?
Is there any plugin which can be helpful in this?
And how to even avoid adding a duplicate rule to the existing dmn?

NOTE: The rules complex. Means on a single entry it may contain multiple values.
For Example:

In the attached DMN table, for the following rule evaluation request:
“variables”: {
“Input1”: {
“value”: “B”,
“type”: “String”
“Input2”: {
“value”: “R”,
“type”: “String”
“Input3”: {
“value”: “Z”,
“type”: “String”

Here we can get 2 output results: Rule1 and Rule2.

So how can I identify all such duplicate rule combinations before deploying the table on Prod?

This is a good question!

I’m not aware of any tool that can detect duplicated rules automatically.

However, one way to deal with it could be to write test cases for your DMN. Consider the following test frameworks for DMN:

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