Fire conditional event if variable in pool is changed

Hey folks,

I am struggling since 2 days now, but I get no working example.
I’ve simplified my use case to this Diagram:

We have a process, which is separated in different pools.
We have a variable called “targetDate” and the use case that we have to notifiy anybody if the targetDate changes during the process.
I’d thought that the ConditionalStartEvent will do the job with listening on “targetDate” und the variableEvent “update”.
It is defined with:

It seems to not work with pools.
Do you have any ideas?

Hi @Waize
Welcome to the community, sure i can help you out with this.
The problem is that the model you’ve created is using the wrong symbols for what you’re trying to do.
So you’re looking for an event sub process but you’ve used a group and you’d need a conditional start event, but in fact its a conditional intermediate event.

To add the correct symbol drag the sub-process from the menu and convert it to an event sub-process. then you’ll be able to add the correct start event.

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Honestly I thought, that there is a display issue at the different borders.
Many thanks, I would have never found the Event Sub Process-Setting :smiley:

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