Form failure when using Modeler and Eclise together

Dear community,
Here are the different steps i did follow
1- create a Maven project with servlet war archetype
2- open and modify the process.bpmn in src/main/resources
3- add embedded:app:forms/start-form.html as a Form Key in the start event
4- deploy with modeler in http://localhost:8080/engine-rest
5- run the Maven Project as a Maven install
6- Drop the .WAR into webapps directory on my Tomcat server
7- Start the new process
having the error message
Form failure: The context path is either empty or not defined.
what is the wrong thing I made?
In the Maven Project, i can see the bpmn file in different places:
java Resources/src/main/resources
Which one can i modify?

You should either deploy via the modeler or deploy via a war file deployment.
Deploying via the modeler only works correctly if you have no other dependent files. In your case you have a form so you’d need to deploy just via the war and skip the model deployment.


@Niall, thank you for your prompt answer. Very valuable as usual.