Form Lookup with 7.7 cockpit bpmn deployment

I have a question to the “deploy bpmn via cockpit” feature you introduced with 7.7.
When I use a shared engine and multiple process wars, today the process application of each war detects the deployed bpmn resources and links them to the context path of the according war so embedded forms can be resolved by the FormService.
If I just deploy via cockpit, how will this continue to work? In the webinar you showed just a very simple example.

Also: what happens when I restart the server? The process application will scan the war, detect the old bpmn and … deploy it as the latest revision?

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Hi Jan,

Deploying via Cockpit behaves the same as deploying via REST API (with the addition that Cockpit always sets the deployment’s source property).

Resource lookup should work. For a newly deployed process definition, the process engine will resolve resources from that process application that is registered for the most recent version of the process. On server restart, the process application will not overwrite this new deployment, given the process application’s resource to deploy did not change (the engine is able to decide this based on the source property; previous deployments with source process application are treated differently than deployments with a different source (e.g. Cockpit) when a process application is redeployed).

I think this behavior is currently not covered by the user guide and raised an issue:


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Thanks for the clarifiaction, Thorben. I had a feeling that this was to basic for you not to think of it and I am glad you did. Sounds like a perfect solution, will give it a try.
Plus: always happy to create additional work, thanks for improving the docs.

Whilst you are at it perhaps you could clarify what deployment aware job executor means n this cockpit deployment scenario.



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Hi Rob,

When you make a deployment, it gets automatically registered with the job executor. After server restart with a deployed process application, the behavior depends on the process application’s isResumePreviousVersions setting. Should also be covered more explicitly by the user guide, I think, so I extended the issue.