Form not appearing in User task

I have created a form and saved in resources directory of spring boot project.

I created a User Task and used the above mentioned form to load as part of the user task (as shown below).

Note that the form reference is the name of external form that was created in previous step.

but, when the I open the user task from task list, the form is not displayed.

Here is the form configuration (just a drop down and submit button) :

variable routes created properly (Map<String,String> type) in the service task before the user task.

Can someone tell me why the form is not getting displayed in the task?

Hi @Rahul_Raj,

as the Tasklist shows a generic form, the formkey field of the deployed and started process diagram is empty.

Maybe you have forgotten to deploy the latest changes of the BPMN diagram or mixed up the files during deployment?

Hope this helps, Ingo

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I’m just running Camunda desktop modeler. No issues with the deployment of changes as I’m moving the changes regularly and restart spring boot app to reflect changes.

checkout this screenshot:

I’m entering the correct form name in Camunda Forms form reference. Note that the form is created using the modeler and saved into resources directory of spring boot app. But that form is not getting identified. Please advice whats going wrong here as I don’t see any issues with the current setup or the form configuration.