Form not getting displayed in Generated Task Forms

I have a workflow start from start event and start event contains a form to input second task having a form to approve.
But when i exported to WF engine and start process using API. In tasklist, the form associate with the task is not showing.
Instead it is saying this task has external form associate with.
I have used generated task forms.
Please let me know why the form is not displaying

Hi @camoron, can you share your BPMN file and form?

I had a similar problem with a generated form as you’ve described. I have a simple form with one field type Enum. The problem was in the field “ID”. If I use a non-English value in “ID”, I’ve got this error:

**Form failure:**  [$parse:lexerr] Lexer Error: Unexpected next character at columns 0-0 [ч]

If I try to fix this by filling a “Form key” field with some value, I’ve got

" This task contains an external form to complete it. In order to open the external form click on the "Open external form" link below.

[Open external form ]

To fix just check “ID” values contain English characters only for all Form Fields. Hope this helps.