Hi team,
I was using ftp-connector. I have build the docker image and made the container up in docker. when I start the processInstance logs are getting printed in the docker but it got stuck here.

ftpConnector.bpmn (8.8 KB)
This is my BPMN file, can you please help me to solve this issue.

Hi @Anagha_K_J - at first glance, it looks like you are using C:\Camunda_example1 as the source directory; however, the connector is running inside a Linux-based Docker container and cannot access C:\ on your host machine.

Hi @nathan.loding I have changes the folder to the tmp folder in docker desktop, but still facing this issue. This is my BPMN file
ftpConnector.bpmn (8.9 KB)

@Anagha_K_J - are you certain Docker has access to that folder, and that it’s mapped/mounted correctly? The Connector itself is “working”: the Runtime is connected to Zeebe, and the FTP Connector is being invoked as expected, so it’s not a Zeebe/BPMN/Runtime issue.

There are two FTP Connectors that are community contributed (not sure if you’re using the one from Cognizant or Infosys) so it might be a good idea to reach out to the original authors in their GitHub repository too.

\wsl.localhost\docker-desktop<redacted>\CamundaSource still appears to be a Windows format filename.

While your connector is running, try connecting to the console of the connector from Docker Desktop, and see what folders you can see (ls is the equivalent of dir when you’re on the connector’s console)

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