Full text search in variable content


I am in Operate and try to filter workflow instances based on a variable value. In my experience I did not find a way to perform a full text search on a variable value or to put wildcards in the search term. As it is elasticsearch behind the scene I assume this should be possible.

Similarly for variables containing arrays, it is not possible to search for one value in the array.

Thanks for your tips,


Hey Eric

I think it depends on how big your variables are. How big are they currently?


Hello Chris,

Not sure I catch what you mean by “how big”.
What I try to do is the following.
Let’s say that I have a string variable that has several values for each workflow instance.
Instance 1 var = “ID123,ID456”
Instance 2 var = “ID456,ID789”
Instance 3 var = “ID789”

I’d like to search for all instances that have the “ID456” in the var variable (so instance 1 & 2).
From my experience I did not find a way to do this in the operate Web UI.
I think it depends how the search is constructed towards elasticsearch.

Hope it clarifies my question.