Gateway flow

In this diagram, “Fornitore” produces document and “SDI” controls it. If these controls are ok, worklow goes on, if they are wrong the document cames back to “Fornitore”, who produces document again. How can I connect exclusive gateway in second pool with “Produces the document activity” in the first pool?
thxdiagram_1.bpmn (4.6 KB)

It this process intended for documentation or are you going to implement it so that it’s executable?

This process is under development in my company. By now it is been represented by words and written text only. So I’m doing it for documentation

As i mentioned before i think it might be a good idea to follow a tutorial on how to model in BPMN.
The reason the modeler will not let you connect a sequence flow from a gateway to an item in another pool is because it’s against the BPMN notation.

As a quick bit of help remember that if you want to send a message to another pool you must use a message send event. If you want to receive a message from another pool then you should have a message receive events. You can also send and receive messages from tasks - but that’s less explicit.

You can use thisreference guide to help you understand the symbols better.

Ok, thx, It seems that after a exclusive gateway i’ve to put a send message event, and from this drawing the bifurcation

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