Generated form with process variables


Creating a User ask as form Data is it possible to display some process variables on it??

something like :

Did the author published the article for the ${myprocessVariable}?

Hi @paulolobao,

Do I understand you correctly that you want to use a process variable inside the label of a form field? If yes, then the answer is: no, it is not possible.


Very old entry but I try to find out how can we make one or more process variables visible at task level in the tasklist. In this way, the employee can see and use (even change in case) this information for processing the task. Anyone any ideas?

I’m aware of this thread being very old, but it has not been answered and I’ve been searching for a solution for many years myself.

All I want to do is to build a quick demo / POC with generated forms (surely that is what Generated Forms are meant for ?). However it’s very awkward to simply display / render an existing process variable in a generated form. The only option is to define a new form field (eg newProcessVariable) and set it’s default value to that of the existing process variable, ie refer to it as ${existingProcessVariable}. However this has the disadvantage that a new process variable is created, (eg newProcessVariable) with precisely the same value as existingProcessVariable. And should you need to display the original process variable’s value on yet another generated form then you’ll end up with 3 identical process variables.

While doing a demo, I’m always careful of not showing the customer the Variables tab in Cockpit, as it quickly becomes a bloody mess. Is there any other way of displaying an existing process variable’s value in a Generated form?

On a related note, how can I render text, not an input of any sort, just plain text? My current workaround is to define a string input and set it to readonly. Then it’s a matter of which looks better the text as the label with an empty input box or no label but with the text in the greyed-out input box as it’s default value. A far cry from being able to whet the appetite of a potential customer!

Hi @eugene,

if you fill the Form Field ID with an existing variable name (and only the vraiable name), you can see and edit the existing value.

Have a look at this example: generatedForms.bpmn (3.6 KB)

Hope this helps, Ingo

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Thanks @Ingo_Richtsmeier

This certainly alleviates the multiple variable scenario. Thanks. However can I display a variable’s value without it being an input field, ie just text?

Hi @eugene,

you can set them to readonly:

If you want to extend the HtmlformEngine, the code is here:

Here are some tests for this piece of software:

If you decide to extend the form engine, you can provide your extension to the community as pull request :-).

Hope this helps, Ingo

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Hi @Ingo_Richtsmeier

Thanks for the links. I cannot immediately figure out how to connect changes in the HTML engine to the Modeler. Is this where the Custom Type of the Form Field comes into play?

Hi @eugene,

of course this a second building block. With the html engine you can define your ideal xml structure to fulfill your requirements. In the worst case you have to extend the property panel of the modeler as well.

In the moment I have no idea about the capabilities and barriers of the Form tab of the Camunda Modeler.

Hope this helps, Ingo