Get list of process definitions


I have a custom web app and I want to list the process definitions based on the logged in user.
In the process, there is a candidate starter group assigned.

However the group is not setup in Camunda.
We are getting the groups from AD.



What do you mean with

I have uploaded a picture to clarify.

Only the initiators found in an initiator group should be able to access and allow to ‘Start Transaction’ other users not forming part of the initiator group should not see not be able to ‘Start Transaction’ .

For info the start transaction kicks off the process.

Thank you for the help.

You can query via Camunda REST api’s for process definitions.

startableBy Filter by a user name who is allowed to start the process.

In your case, its process instances and not definitions.

For querying process Instances,

startedBy Only include process instances that were started by the given user.

Thank you @aravindhrs however, we are looking for a group of users not an individual user.

Then you can try Native Queries to get desired result set.

May be this should be an enhancement of the REST API in the future.