Getting processInstanceKey like 'XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX'

I am trying to perform load test on workflow. I am using this client library to start the instance. Intermittently I am getting processInstanceKey=‘XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX’ in response. What does it mean ? Request was failed to start instance or something else.

  1. I am using zeebe-spring starter library to start instance
  2. I am using self managed zeebe cluster

Hey @umesh_kushwaha

thanks for trying Zeebe. The keys you have observed are expected. In each key the partition id is encoded, which cause the key to look bigger. But essentially the first key is on a partition one plus encoding of the partition id. This makes it possible to generate unique keys in a Zeebe cluster, without collision between partitions.

Does this help?

For the exact calculation/encoding you can take a look here zeebe/ at 684c3de1869db58163b51cd5c8474490b5363559 · camunda-cloud/zeebe · GitHub

Thanks for quick reply. It’s mean when we received ‘xxxxx’ instance key, instance started successfully. How we can decode to long. As most of the process instance key is long.

Hey @umesh not sure what you mean by that. The returned key is a long. What is the issue you facing could you post an example?