Google Drive Connector

Hello Camunda-Community,

i created a simple process to test out the Google Drive Connector.

When i try to deploy it, i get following error message:

Command ‘CREATE’ rejected with code ‘INVALID_ARGUMENT’: Expected to deploy new resources, but encountered the following errors:
‘Connect Drive.bpmn’: - Element: Activity_0j45v7b > extensionElements > ioMapping > input
- ERROR: Expected expression but not found.
[ deploy-error ] 19/1/2023 15:7:32

I followed the steps of the camunda tutorial under:

Does anybody have an idea why i get the error message? I tried to use it with my personal GDrive Account and not an Business Account. Furthermore I used the Refresh Token and the client secret and password instead of an bearer token (this is reserved for service accounts)

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Hi @Tim1, did you specify “Parent Folder ID”?

It is required, but this is not enforced by the template. I discovered this by filling out each field in turn, until I got the error to go away.


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