GroupQueryImpl.executeList is called by the user's full name instead of the user id


I am using ReadOnlyIdentityProvider to add users and groups automatically. Also, I am extending GroupQueryImpl. When GroupQueryImpl.executeList is called, the query has the user’s full name, or his first name since the last name is defined as an empty string instead of the user id. this doesn’t happen all the time but it does happen when I am creating a new process report in Optimize.

Why does this happen?

Hi @Ayman_Ahmed,

Can you elaborate more please…
Why have you extended GroupQueryImpl?

Hi @hassang

I have my own users and groups that I want to provide dynamically to Camunda. So I am extending GroupQueryImpl so I can execute the query on my own system and return its result to Camunda.

My bad… It is clear now.
I hope l can help…