Guidance to Camunda newbie

Hi everyone,

I’m a new user of Camunda and as a newbie a have a lot of questions!

I would appreciate if anyone could guide me by giving detailed steps on how-to.

I have installed Camunda BPM (Apache distribution), the Modeler and managed to deploy the invoice example of the guides through Eclipse. Basically I need help in some basic concepts:

Thanks a lot in advance!


Hi @kontrag

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Hi @hassang,

Thanks for your response.
I’ve already followed the “get-started” guide and was able to deploy the examples.
But now I want to move a step forward and that’s why I was wondering if I should choose a maven archetype and how it works.
For the message events, are you aware of a detailed guide with technical implementation details? (and not only bpmn explanations)


You should indeed be using the Maven archetypes - they make life a lot easier. You can start with the servlet-war if you’re using tomcat.

As for examples - there are lots, the place to look for them is github. Here is one on messaging - just create a copy and take a look at how everything runs. Messages are actually pretty straightforward.

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Go to the Camunda section of GitHub and grab the example archives. Now, these are bound in Eclipse projects that you might have to break open if you’re only using the Camunda Modeler standalone application.

I would suggest grabbing the They are filled with great examples of how to do things. I would get the “camunda-consulting” and “camunda-bpm-examples” archives. You can find all this at:


Hi @Niall,

Thanks for the reply!
I had seen this example but sometimes these examples are not complete.
For a newbie like me, it’s not so easy to create a process with just a pom.xml file and a bpmn file from the GitHub.
For instance, in the link you provided, I don’t see a Process Application class. But I have to create one, right?
If yes, then in the pom.xml there’s a “javax.servlet-api” dependency missing.

Also, how do I configure mail server settings, email recipients, etc.?

I understand that the information is already out there but you have to collect it from different places and that’s why I created the topic to gather the information I need in one place.

Thanks a lot!


Still struggling to make Message Events working.
Could someone help a bit?
Let’s say I want to implement the following process:

I’m stuck on the throw and catch message events.
What do I need in order to make the process move on if I choose the “Defect Detected” path?


You’d need to implement the message throw event with a Java Class that implements the JavaDelegate interface
It should look something like this:

public void execute(DelegateExecution execution) throws Exception {
    String messageName = "hello";


You can find more information on message events in the camunda docs.