Hacktoberfest 2021 | Camunda

As our lovely @danielle.andrist put it: It’s that magical time of the year again, folks. The one that fills our hearts with a great sense of community and a shared love of swag. That’s right, it’s Hacktoberfest time!

This is Camunda’s second year participating in Hacktoberfest and this year we are showcasing bpmn.io, Camunda Modeler, and the Camunda Community Hub. Find participating repos by looking for the “hacktoberfest” label.

So if you are in any way connected to these, now’s a good time to head there and have some fun.

Do you want to know how to participate and earn your very own limited edition 2021 CamundaxHacktoberfest t-shirt? Check out the Hacktoberfest landing page.

We hope to see your contributions there, they will make the BPMN open source world a better place!

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