Handle user tasks in custom worker

Camunda cloud 1.0 added user tasks which can be processed in task list.
Is it possible to get/handle user tasks with the form definitions in a custom worker (e.g. with the java client)?

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User tasks are handled in the same way as service tasks. You can write a job worker to retrieve the tasks: https://docs.camunda.io/docs/reference/bpmn-processes/user-tasks/user-tasks

The task forms can be rendered using the following library: form-js/packages/form-js-viewer at master · bpmn-io/form-js · GitHub

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Ah thanks, should’ve searched the docs better.
However, trying this out I get the form as a key in the custom headers.
How can I get the JSON definition from that?

I found https://docs.camunda.io/docs/reference/tasklist-api/queries/form , but that is using task list. Is there another way?